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GHD Repairs on The Wirral

GHD hair straighteners are some of the best available and it is a brand that everybody can trust, however the price of this kind of quality is quite high, this can be especially daunting when it comes to breaking your straighteners when they are out of warranty. MAW Electrical...

Commercial Periodic Inspection and Testing

This week we will be rolling out an offer on Periodic Inspection and Testing for our Commercial customers that will last until the end of Winter, to see if you are eligible for this offer please drop us an email, or alternatively you can you contact us on 0151 645 7202

The dangers of overheating ballasts

Fluorescent Fittings are one of the most common types of Lighting in Commercial Buildings, whether it be 2D Circular Fitting or Strip-Light. The problem with this type of Fitting is that it is powered by a Ballast, which contains a Transformer and a small Capacitor that can...

MAW Electrical Online Shop

Coming soon – our very own MAW Electrical online shop.  Keep checking back for updates! видео новости

Mobile Phone Repairs

We now run diagnostics and fix problems on mobile phones! For more information, please email us at  or give us a ring on 0151 645 7202. coc hack without verification


Welcome…to our brand new website! With an fresh up of our services, news updated regularly and many methods by which to communicate with us; we hope you like our new-look website.   payday loans in arizona